'squeeze || skwiːz n. act of squeezing; hug; handshake; amount extracted by squeezing; sweetheart (Slang) v. press on, compress; extract by pressure; hug; compact, cram; blackmail, extort

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Squeeze play (bridge) — A squeeze play (or squeeze) is a type of play late in the hand of contract bridge and other trick taking game in which the play of a card (the squeeze card) forces an opponent to discard a card that gives up one or more tricks. The discarded card …   Wikipedia

  • Triple squeeze — A triple squeeze is a squeeze against one player, in three suits. It is often equated with progressive squeeze (also termed a repeating squeeze ), but in fact progressive squeezes are just a subset of triple squeezes. A progressive squeeze is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Knockout squeeze — A knockout squeeze is the general form of squeezes that exert pressure, in part, on a defender s trump holding. That defensive holding is needed to prevent declarer from making a successful play involving trumps, including one as prosaic as… …   Wikipedia

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  • Clyde E. Love — (1882–1960[1]) was a contract bridge author and mathematics professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is well known in bridge circles for his 1959 book Bridge Squeezes Complete, one of the earliest efforts to codify then existing… …   Wikipedia

  • Double squeeze — The double squeeze is a type of squeeze play in the card game of Bridge. Double squeezes are a combination of two simple squeezes carried out against both opponents. If both squeezes are executed by the same trick, that is the same squeeze card,… …   Wikipedia

  • Clash squeeze — A clash squeeze is a three suit bridge squeeze with a special kind of menace, referred to as clash menace. The clash menace is one that might fall under a winner in the opposite hand, because it can be covered by another card in an opponent’s… …   Wikipedia

  • Hugh Kelsey — Hugh Walter Kelsey (born 1926 at Edinburgh, Scotland; died March 18, 1995 at Edinburgh) was a bridge player and writer. He won the Gold Cup, the most prestigious British competition, twice, in 1969 and 1980. He represented Scotland twelve times… …   Wikipedia

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